graduation party

How to plan a graduation party.


1.    Pick out a date: Coordinate with your son/daughter so their party does not conflict with their friends’ parties.

2.    Create a guest list: This should be done before any further planning therefore you can gauge the size of your event.

3.    Pick out a venue: We would agree that 90% of graduation parties are hosted at homes today.

4.    Secure a tent rental service: Luckily, at Dependable Tents we offer great packages for graduation parties including tents, tables and chairs. Proudly Serving Northeast Ohio.

5.    Food and drinks: Figure out whether you want to hire a catering service or DIY to feed your guests. A popular choice today would be food trucks for the eats for your graduation party.


Pro tips:

·         Plan for ONLY 50%-70% of your guests to be seated all at once.

·         Plan for extra tables for food if you are having an event at your house.


·         Tents come with sidewalls for inclement weather – better to have them than not have them!

·         Keep entertainment in mind If you do not plan on having a DJ